Personal Branding Power


Personal Branding can be a powerful tool to help define and guide your career path and / or business and the benefits are endless.

Knowing who you are is the first step to defining your superpower, but there is more to it. Whether looking into that second career, plans to move up in your current organization, job change, planning to start a business, have your eye on  your dream role, or are just not sure yet, defining what’s important to you; the value you bring, skills that you have, your competitive edge and understanding your gaps in skills, education, or certifications can lead you to defining your brand and a roadmap to achieving it.


Your Personal Brand is Your Mission, Vision & Values and should work much like an organizations Mission, Vision & Values. Everything you do on a daily basis and decisions made should directly correlate to your brand. Defining Your Brand will inform your resume, job search, career roadmap, social media identity and elevator pitch. Branding should begin now, now when you are actively making a change. It requires time and thoughtful retrospection, analysis and planning.

Exercise Your Brand

An extension of Your Brand is how you market and communicate it. Again, this should occur on a regular basis, while in your current role and NOT when you are ready to move to a new one. Deciding the best outlets to use, depends largely on your brand. If in a professional arena, LinkedIn is an obvious choice, but its not the only one. It’s important to understand your audience and that should help you determine the best pathways for marketing Your Brand. Becoming a subject matter expert is a good way to developing a good following, whether via a blog, daily postings and commentary, as a speaker, or even in a volunteer leadership role.

Pitch Perfect

Your elevator pitch to perspective clients, investors, hiring managers, or referral partners should be tailored to the audience to ensure you are speaking the same language. Your Pitch should be dynamic and flexible to meet the changing needs and perspective of the people your trying to influence.

Start now and Exercise Your Brand often.

Maintaining a strengths roadmap

Most of us have taken personal inventory assessments such as StrengthsFinder and DISC and for various reasons. Whether as part of employment screening, leadership training, or as a team building exercise. The results of these assessments help to create a snapshot of our current mindset. The findings will be largely reflective of your role and perspective at that time. As we accumulate experience, knowledge and through interactions with others we evolve our skills, and therefore, our position and our mindset. Retaking the assessments help to gauge progress and change, and what if anything, you want to improve. In pursuit of your next role, you need the required education and experience, but its also good practice to understand what other skills is needed to propel you. I recently decided to revisit a couple of the assessments to see if and how my thinking had changed.


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How do we define and evaluate success in project management?

Change at the individual level can help lead to team and organizational transformation. In order to do so, leaders need to embrace new methods of leadership. Organizational leaders need to provide an environment of empowerment and trust, which in turn, often lead to innovation and change. Through planned growth and talent development, organizations can provide the needed education, training, and tools for individuals and teams to thrive, and prepare for cultural and organizational changes. This helps the organization meet their goals. How is transformation measured? Are we looking at human, and social capital, as well as the bottom line? How are leaders fostering transformative change?


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Yoda as an Agile Coach

As a current Executive Coaching program student, and as a business owner, project management office leader and project management professional, I struggle with how to make it all fit. I’ve cultivated over 30 years experience in the industry, and obtained pertinent certifications to back that up. On the one hand, there is the experience and knowledge, yet, executive coaches don’t advise! I found my muse, Yoda. Yes, that Yoda. Let me explain…


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