Warning Productivity Life Hack

I have to talk about my obsession with Evernote….

Even though I’ve been using it for years, I still marvel at how productive I can be and yet how simple the concept is.

These are my top 5 uses that I thought I’d pass on to others.

1. Save entire web articles at the push of a button

2. Record and tag ideas when I think of them

3. Combine multiple related notes, thoughts and articles

4. It’s platform agnostic and available on up to devices immediately!

5. Coupled with the Evernote ScanSnap scanner, I can Scan documents and business cards directly into Evernote with nothing additional to do – press the green button and its added to your app!

Enjoy exploring and finding new ways to optimize!

What to make of Scrum Master certification?


Let me start out by saying that I think Scrum is an extremely valuable framework for development projects and that my intent is not to be disparaging to the Scrum Master or Agile Coach roles. Quite the contrary. We all know that certifications make us more marketable and increase our earning potential, these are the main drivers for pursing the path for any certification. At issue is the designation and process for Scrum Master certification. The training is beneficial but as a certification it is lacking in both depth and prestige when compared to other professional certifications. If I can quote Ken Scwaber, one of the founders of Scrum and The Scrum Alliance, “Scrum is easy to use but difficult to master”.  The Scrum Master certification is a starting point and while often compared at a parallel level to the Project Management Professional designation of PMP, they are very different levels. Grant it the roles are very different, with one being “part of the team” (Scrum Master) and the other “directing the team” (Project Manager). We’ll look at the certification and requirements for both.

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Maintaining a strengths roadmap

Most of us have taken personal inventory assessments such as StrengthsFinder and DISC and for various reasons. Whether as part of employment screening, leadership training, or as a team building exercise. The results of these assessments help to create a snapshot of our current mindset. The findings will be largely reflective of your role and perspective at that time. As we accumulate experience, knowledge and through interactions with others we evolve our skills, and therefore, our position and our mindset. Retaking the assessments help to gauge progress and change, and what if anything, you want to improve. In pursuit of your next role, you need the required education and experience, but its also good practice to understand what other skills is needed to propel you. I recently decided to revisit a couple of the assessments to see if and how my thinking had changed.


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PMO success through alignment with enterprise-wide goals

Value can be subjective. The value of a PMO to any organization is how it is aligned to organizational goals. By aligning these goals, the best-fit PMO framework can be applied to sufficiently support business needs. The Project Management Institute (PMI) performed an in-depth analysis on the state of PMO Frameworks . They sought out to determine a basis for defining frameworks and associated characteristics and value-add for each of the entities. The result was five distinct models.


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How do we define and evaluate success in project management?

Change at the individual level can help lead to team and organizational transformation. In order to do so, leaders need to embrace new methods of leadership. Organizational leaders need to provide an environment of empowerment and trust, which in turn, often lead to innovation and change. Through planned growth and talent development, organizations can provide the needed education, training, and tools for individuals and teams to thrive, and prepare for cultural and organizational changes. This helps the organization meet their goals. How is transformation measured? Are we looking at human, and social capital, as well as the bottom line? How are leaders fostering transformative change?


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Yoda as an Agile Coach

As a current Executive Coaching program student, and as a business owner, project management office leader and project management professional, I struggle with how to make it all fit. I’ve cultivated over 30 years experience in the industry, and obtained pertinent certifications to back that up. On the one hand, there is the experience and knowledge, yet, executive coaches don’t advise! I found my muse, Yoda. Yes, that Yoda. Let me explain…


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A Case for The Methodology Agnostic PMO

Everyone has heard the statistic that most PMO’s fail within the first 3 years. You also might know, that the number 1 reason they fail, is that they don’t add value. How can we ensure that we are adding value? Seems like an easy question, but turns out, it’s not. The answer is…it depends. What value means to each organization could be very different, depending on the business model, maturity model, norms, culture, appetite for risk, organizational structure, and skill sets within the organization. I propose that a more fluid and dynamic PMO model would work best in most organizations.

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RiMuBlog – Launch October 3rd

We are hard at work and excited to launch, both RiMu, and RiMuBlog.

RiMuBlog will focus on both the art & science in the project management profession.

Our topics will encompass:

  • leadership
  • Project Management Office and Portfolio Management
  • Program Management and Project Management
  • growth & optimization
  • developing and maintaining high-performing teams
  • point-counter-point features; offering contrasts and comparisons of project management methodologies

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