A Case for The Methodology Agnostic PMO

Everyone has heard the statistic that most PMO’s fail within the first 3 years. You also might know, that the number 1 reason they fail, is that they don’t add value. How can we ensure that we are adding value? Seems like an easy question, but turns out, it’s not. The answer is…it depends. What value means to each organization could be very different, depending on the business model, maturity model, norms, culture, appetite for risk, organizational structure, and skill sets within the organization. I propose that a more fluid and dynamic PMO model would work best in most organizations.

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RiMuBlog – Launch October 3rd

We are hard at work and excited to launch, both RiMu, and RiMuBlog.

RiMuBlog will focus on both the art & science in the project management profession.

Our topics will encompass:

  • leadership
  • Project Management Office and Portfolio Management
  • Program Management and Project Management
  • growth & optimization
  • developing and maintaining high-performing teams
  • point-counter-point features; offering contrasts and comparisons of project management methodologies

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