Develop your personal brand and create more opportunities!

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Individual sessions and small interactive workshop for those wanting to forge new territory by understanding and developing their brand. This workshop is for you whether you are new to the work force, looking for a career change, a promotion, starting your own business or growing it. Your brand is NOT your job title or role. This workshop will help you obtain a better understanding of your pathways, what makes you unique and how to determine next steps to achieve your short and long term goals. We’ll pull it all together so you can develop the perfect Pitch to prospective clients, hiring managers, investors, CEO or your current leader.

Expected Outcomes

Understand and embrace your Roots (What’s Important to You)

Understand what your good at and determine gaps to success (Strengths)

Understand your audience, the value and results you will bring to yourself, employer, organization or current leader (Branches)

Initial draft of a roadmap to set goals and track them (Tree of Possibilities)

Create and practice your Elevator Pitch

The session / workshop prices include a pre-workshop assessment, a 5-hour session with multiple interactive breakout activities and a roadmap to start you on your journey.

Also available in 1:1 sessions

  • 30m / 1 hour sessions coaching sessions – bundled pricing available
  • 3 1-hour sessions 1:1 Personal Branding / Pitch Workshops
  • 5-hour Interactive Personal Branding / Pitch Workshops