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  • Warning Productivity Life Hack

    I have to talk about my obsession with Evernote….

    Even though I’ve been using it for years, I still marvel at how productive I can be and yet how simple the concept is.

    These are my top 5 uses that I thought I’d pass on to others.

    1. Save entire web articles at the push of a button

    2. Record and tag ideas when I think of them

    3. Combine multiple related notes, thoughts and articles

    4. It’s platform agnostic and available on up to devices immediately!

    5. Coupled with the Evernote ScanSnap scanner, I can Scan documents and business cards directly into Evernote with nothing additional to do – press the green button and its added to your app!

    Enjoy exploring and finding new ways to optimize!

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Among The Trees

Talks, quotes,  and other things, pertaining to trees.

Shubhendu Sharma’s vision for fast-tracking the development of forests.

A forest planted by humans, then left to nature’s own devices, typically takes at least 100 years to mature. But what if we could make the process happen ten times faster? In this short talk, eco-entrepreneur (and TED Fellow) Shubhendu Sharma explains how to create a mini-forest ecosystem anywhere.

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